Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Disturbing Product of the Month: The Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat

Back in the day, there was a website I co-founded called "SIS." It was a mix of serious news for women and a jaundiced look at some of the fantastically improbable products out there for sale.

Every month we selected a "disturbing product." We featured testicular implants for dogs, road kill jerky and other winners.

So I'm pleased to announce a revival of the Disturbing Product, and invite your nominations.

I'm starting things off with: The Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat.

Yes, this 1 5/16" steel tube, covered with soft padded camouflage material, fits right on to the trailer hitch of your car or truck, and you can own it for only $39.99!

This innovative item comes from Kotula's, whose catalog aims to please the macho man with other items like Rustic Barnboard Coolers, visors with glued-on hair , and a beer can cozy that "unleashes a satisfying burp and flashing lights" when you hit a remote so you can find where you left it.

We always awarded Bonus Points for product features or user tips that added zest to the products.

So Bonus Points to Kotulas for including these warnings for using the Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat:

"Not for use when vehicle is in motion (you moron)." And: "Can Get Slippery When Wet (you moron)." I added the moron part.

Kotula's has even created a video about the toilet seat that stars hunters in the woods stinking up the place so badly that the deer run away! A butler prepares the tailgate throne, toilet paper at the ready. Thanks, guys.

So please, when in your travels you come across a product as worthy as this, please leave a comment and a link, and I'll put it out there for everyone to enjoy.

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Jon said...

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